zaterdag 17 december 2011

On the top..

Would love to tear up the streets with this black knuckle!

I think I look at this ride from Hidemo every 5 days or something..This thing just screams speed!And that engine...mmmm

Saw this ride at bottrop 2011,great looking panhead!Nothing special,beautiful lines!

Black and blue knuckle,from Duascaras..The bars and pipes are doing it.

Give me the keys of this dual carb knuckle!Flanders bar,megaphone pipes..classic ride!

My view on a perfect triumph,Frame is full,no holes.Great mix of chroom,black and colorful paint..

Inspired by the 1930 factory hilclimber..raw..

Owned by a guy from Japan,mr Shinsuke Takizawa..drag race inspired.Great eye for detail.

When I am talking about a caferacer,this modern Triumph works the best..Great paint
Almost every week I post some bike porn.Some bikes are just pieces of art for me,other are just great.Today its about a year ago I started this blog,about time to gave you my favorite bikes..What's your favorite ride?I know its hard..let me hear it!

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