woensdag 30 maart 2011


 Did some metalwork this night,made a rib on the tank. Looks ok,gonna make it smooth with some putty..
Tyres just got in,I'm curies how the look and ride! 

dinsdag 29 maart 2011


Just ordered Avon Speedmaster tyres in the front and in the back.Also a new gaskets set for the engine.
Now the waiting for the parts has begun.The hubs and rims are at the coater and hopefully the are ready at the end of the week..I'll keep you posted! Meanwhile gonna do some work on the fuel tank and make a tray for the battery.

zondag 27 maart 2011

donderdag 24 maart 2011

Bike porn 8!


Yesterday I stopped by at the Flakekings.We were talking about his Ford hotrod and Gijs asked me if had time for a ride. So we went out with the top down in the spring sunshine.It was a blast,the Ford rod makes a rough sick sound! This is riding at its purist..

zondag 20 maart 2011

Perfect fitting..

Quality job, that's for sure..!

Lazy Saturday..time for some records..

My brother in law Steven is a guy who loves records,old and new. He plays them very often. He doesn't know how much he has now, but his record collection is something you could spend a couple of hours with! The old front covers is what I like.Look at that Queens of the stonage cover,it's damn nice! I think it's an old  triumph chopper..