zaterdag 18 juni 2011

Bottrop Kustom Kulture 2011..

The guys arrived..

One nice paintjob!

The EATDUST bike's

Flakings speedway bike,great color combo!

400bc Triumph,what a clean bike..

Honda CL 360 chopper,same as me..nicely done

rattle dazzle..

Great panhead

Le Beef Sweden..

Caferacer style Guzzi

Bottrop Kustom Kulture was great this year. I arrived way to early,the guys on the bike arrived an hour later..After setting up there tents and teaking a beer,we went to the place where it happened!It started out camly,but every minute there where new rides..And those where great!The bike's from the Flakekings,Jokers,Draggers and all the others bike's where just eyecandy!Also bought some nice stuff..There was a good vibe and I met some great dudes..Thanks for the great time!I say: next year with the bike!I will post first a couple photo's,I have about hundred!

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Thx to share my little Honda CB50 Custom...

  2. I saw that cb50 custom riding around!Nice one,still love those little honda's..Got myself a '76 SS50,rides great!