zaterdag 19 februari 2011

No Ordinary!

Found this a couple of months ago on the Belladonna trackers blog:

There are evil rumors, again...The BDT phenomena is under investigation by the public eyes!!
You know for sure when you choose an alternative path or lifestyle, that is when people start to talk shit about you...! Normal people have such boring life they have to speculate about something more exiting, YOU! They have theories, evil ones!! No-one can choose an alternative lifestyle without being punished with heave bullshit. You cant blame them, they are doing everything to protect and preserve their vision of the secure right way and bullshit is their only weapon against the scaring unknown. People with an alternative lifestyle are forever persecuted by the mass. But if you are on a alternative path, don´t let this fact bring you down, be happy, every-time someone mention you name you get one point of knowing you left their line of reaching nowhere!!

The daily press are setting up a trap to infiltrate the BDT dungeon and find out what is really going on. Are people just having fun ???Are the BDT gang just tired of the controlling environment surrounding them and just for a second want to release them self from the burden of society's duty's, could that be possible?? WHAT IS THE CATCH??

People demands answer, deeeep, deeeep down lyes lies a fascination needed to be shut down. We are going to make you disappointed, their are no sex-orgies, heavy drinking and wild parties, we are just simple people a little tired of the ordinary.

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