zondag 2 januari 2011

First project

After a couple of months of looking on the web, I found a little neat Honda. It's a pretty old one and the basic was good. It's a CL 360 '73 that originally comes from Deland, Florida. But it's been in Holland for about 15 years. After some mailing with the seller, I took a bus and went to Utrecht (Holland) to pick it up.The guy came from the North so we decided to meet in the middle. The total trip from home and back took me about 10 hours because of a snowstorm! Damn I hate snow..LOL! But I was pretty happy with the new purchase..So now I finally can start building some rat street tracker/bobber for myself. The specifications are: 356cc twin,6 speed,36 HP (what's left of it..) Here are some pictures..

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